About Us

With a ridiculous passion for doing things well we are a small company that wants to make the delights of Cold Brew coffee known to the world.

Launched in 2014 our first products to be sold to the public are our wonderful Christmas gifts, a 24 coffee shot advent calendar (see below) & a gift pack of 12 coffee shots entitled The twelve days of Christmas!





The Benefits of our Cold Brew:

1. It's quick (not the brewing process!) but the finished product just needs you to add water to taste.

2. It's clean, just decant the coffee concentrate from your bottle .

3. It's clear, our coffee is triple filtered to give you a really smooth, clear and clean tasting brew.

4. It's good, cold brew coffee typically has 2/3 less acidity and 1/3 less caffeine.


In the New Year we will launch our full product line up, so do come back and be sure to treat yourself.

And if you have any comments, ideas or feedback, do drop us a line.







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